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Pets: PRAISE NEGROS, Catholic Slut, Little Bo Meep, Squoo, Timothy Thieke, Down on the casting couch a star is gonna be born a star with the stature of a Harlow who is doomed and groomed to enrapture all her co-stars and stuntmen the co-stars oh let there be lights action sound lights action sound - Roll em iut in the mezzanine on the arm of a dumb marine her beauty looks out like a trailer Norman Mailer waits to nail her he is under the bed and he is waiting for her to be dead he is out on the patio with his polaroid and scenario and he is armed and he is dangerously close was the weather when I was a kid she gave me a feather from her gown to cool me down, to cool me down and I was the galley slave who lost his heart when the ship went down lights action sound - Roll em I had a part in the talkies when you were a little girl I have taken Lassie for walkies when she was the pup that vaudeville threw up and destiny lead her hand in paw to somewhere in Hollywood that is crazy a dog up in Beverly Hills crazy crazy , Ongy, THERES NO MORE GOODIES IN THE PIPELINE, I hate everyone and everything, shitnard, Proto-Bob Ross, ohhhhhhhhh now youve got a howitzer all of your own ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and a panzer division to chauffeur you home gun runnin is fun, Anal Stable, BRON AND RISED, I hate everything, again, Can my dad call you to talk about the job and the training program, He is really upset I'm not going to medical school and wants someone to explain the Wall Street path to him, I'll pick your hand and slowly blow your little mind, INSTABONER, why is my life so inappropriate lololololol, dickchillz, bin up since 6am still goin strawngz, stop scaring the shit out of me, i like houndstooth and suit jackets but im afraid of looking too serious and businessy like sarah palin or something i wouldnt want that now would i
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