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Ecritters is a wonderful place with the best people.

Items needed for my gallery.
Lisa donated CJ's Divine Grenade
sword_saver1 donated winning lottery ticket
Poison Vial donated by Kitty Lizard
Morrich Figure donated by ck
Fuzzy Happyface donated by kiss and diss
Knife donated by I_Godda_P
Dragon's Orb donated by
keeper of orbs
Orb of Sunlight and Orb of Moonlight donated by Dark Goddess.
Scythe and Zeka Postcard donated by Lizard Guardian.
Jelly Blob, Black Cloak, Demon's Blood, Treat Bag, Isilpop, Compass, Lazy Derlon Postcard all donated by 68fluffy. Thanks so much, you are wonderful.
Jack O'Lantern Dancing Dudette
TREASURE CHEST - pandapandabear
Settlement Flag - liz
Settlement Flag - megapony
Decorative Shield - Igadi
Blue Fireball - crazykathy
Sourball - C Gyrl
Piggy Plushie - crazykathy
Evil Spirt - CJ
Pallid Shanori Plushie, Suspicious Cake, Monkey Plushie, eC 1,000,000th Post, Pulverrudda Staff, Lashing Sword, Sparkling Citrate, Golden Salad-pandapandabear. Thanks TJ your great.~~~~~~

Please help if you can by either buying something from BJgray's shop or donating. Thanks.

Items needed:
Cosmic Staff,
Death rock,
Ed's First Snow,
Gravity Day Tree,
Leif's Head,
Nerdzrool's Black Heart,
Stone of Rebirth,
Sword Of Diavolo,
Sword Of Dio,
Test Item,
Toryn Statue