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Pets: The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Vespertine and Gengar are gay lovers, I lost my loser., I like cow pies., Omg Sassygirl05 this wolf pet thing is named after you!!!!!!11!!!1!!!, General Wesc is like a general., CJ is thy God., NOBODY'S PERFECT, I just lost the game., You aren't special., Ellen Page, Selena Gomez, Nathan Fillion, Juno MacGuff, Justin Russo, Max Russo, Eric Forman, Robert Chase, Summer Glau, Olivia Wilde, Thirteen, Remy Hadley, Chris Taub, Lawrence Kutner, Kal Penn, Amber Volakis, True Blood, Lucas Douglas, Bill Compton, Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman, Tara Thornton, Jason Stackhouse, Sam Merlotte, Maryann Forrester, Lafayette Reynolds, Gilbert Grissom, WOLFF SHOULD REALLY BE SPELLED WOLF, Dragon7197 is Cody, Dance Hall, MI is by far the best God to ever set foot on Crittannia., Alpha is awesome., Kate Beckett, Richard Castle, Alexis Castle, Martha Rogers, Kevin Ryan , Javier Esposito, Roy Montgomery, Lanie Parish, Epic is not epic. Far from it, actually., Countess Noone, rottweiler is rly badass. i am incredibly jealous of her., Worship MI, or you shall surely perish., Foster likes to sit on shit covered docks., s0x is pretty kewl, What a pity, kill yerself, Hug has anger problems., This pet will be a lesbian., Iso looks like an unsuccessful transsexual hooker, I fucking hate horses...not really don't stab me, My second pet named after Sassy, made only because I had no other name in mind, Leopard is the biggest bitch alive, Wolff is a cowardly whore, Who even watches Burn Notice, How I yearn for Hoot's tender touch, Lementor, Leville, Brumbledore, Axgood, Snassy
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