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Collecting -->stuffed snarths


Thank You
to all you have given me gifts , presents or prizes.
Your names are listed in The Obessive - Obession Gallery



a listing of all eC's birthdays

1st Mr-Penguin
2nd Hankenstein
4th -Gunshot-
10th Angelic_hell
12th thebored
17th sketch
17th BearIsMyDoggy2
21st phoenixmla ->space
22nd amerika the beautiful
21st HeatOmen->retired/rare
26th Dave
28th rouge

2nd bobobo
10th Animaluva-> fluff collector
14th Plushie
15th lady death
20th Alien Girl
23rd nitewhisper
24th sorrayah
29th rain

7th SpongeRachel->rare items
12th Bear
12th 77cutlass
12th creepingdeath
13th Liz
21st MatSim68->collects orbs
21st ace340
21st Trees
22nd LoneWolf -stuffed snarths
27th dominator- collects maple leafs

4th Covert Sushi
5th irishbulldognk
7th Crazykathy
8th soccer_princess
16th Julia Greenleaf
27th linkin__luvr__77

1 st Mr Happypants
14th Strawberry Sundae
19th sweets3065
23rd Worrior Dude
28th CandyRox
1st speedskater
11th DeViLs_AnGeL
14th sexyholidaybabe
16th SSGohan91
18th gel
25th ebil_bunny

1st The Wizard
5th monkeyr
8th Rabidfox08
13th Shaoran Li
17th zeebo17
17th casper
21th blcdude
24th HappyHarmony
28 Teresa
30th poke_fan--may return *wishes*

1st El Darodo
1st Gray_hound_2000
2nd BusterBlader
6th Crawfy
7th Blacksheep
12th CJ -collects rubber zeka's
12th galaxy
14th weirdal
15th Jade
19th darkMaiden2003
22 Panda
23 twix-
24th imrdy
24th SpeedSkater's Mom
28th poohpotpie78
29th Moosh- cj shrine

2nd Shibby_2
2nd Matrix---- was shadowultima----- and is now guardian----------

5th supermegahugedog
6th MegaPony--collects retired items
6th kk15-collects items he drew
11th Mitgui
16th CardcaptorSakura
26th BJGray
30 dae_mor_kel
30th rebel

4th sweetie
4th Yahim
6th Coco2k3
11th Cinamon
13th The_Great_Trainer
19 Bopbopbaby
27th elise383

11th -_ nifratiti_-
11th cute kitten
17th Sunset-03-rubber zeka
27th The Forbidden One->collect retired items and rare items
29 vEYIOoNeY

9th Zara
9th cate109
14th crazy-sexy-cool2
16th leif
16th pikachu8765
22nd Inugami Mistress
23rd lightfiregrl
27th DrkEvlChld


I send Members random gifts on their birthday. If you want to be added to the list eemail me


The TeQuila Storage Co. Inc. was founded July 23,2328. Lime TeQuila's birthday was a big bash. TeQuila was excited about the gift but had no room in his home for all the gifts at the same time. Tequila desided to build a storage area for his gifts and rotate this items so he could display them at different seasons during the year in Crittannia. All of Crittannia was excited about that marvelous idea, they too had items that they wanted to store. TeQuila decided to expand his storage unit enabling anyone who needed storage space to use this area. TeQuila realized that the humans were pack rats and has become rich storing the humans belongs from earth and "treasures" that they have discovered here on Crittannia. This has enbled Twix (aka. TeQuila to become one of the richest resident of Crittannia.

wish list....
black pills

the red house back by the mountians is where i live. chizzy group members are welcome at all times

You're the sad smile, the one that regrets nearly everything and is constantly wondering about what could have been.You're not happy with your situation and usually blame yourself because of the bad things that have happened.Cheer up.

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