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Once upon a time, there lived a pecuilar girl donned
Miss Victoria Rose......

Once upon a time, there was a peculiar girl dawned Miss Victoria Rose, or in other cases referred to as Veevers, That one odd girl who reads all the time, Vicky J, or more commonly, Vee. She was seventeen years young, had way bigger dreams for the small town she lived in, and was always different then most people perceived her to be. She lived in the Land of the Indiana, where bestowed across the grounds layed fields of gold, grazing livestock, and vegetables of plenty. Her father was the farming type of man and her mother was a socialable woman who worked a guild by the name of Victorias Secret. Her one and only sibling, Eliza, was always the talk of the land. Gorgeous, intelligent, and bound to go off to important places, including I.U at the age of twenty-one. Vee always looked up to her, except for the occasional tifts every once and a while. It was obvious enough though, that Vee was heading down a completely different path then her sister. Vee always showed intrest in the extras of life, the things that no human needs but without, ones life would be a dreary existance with constant work and no fueling for the soul. She lived her life through books she read, television shows she admired, music she listened to, and movies she dreamt about. Eventually, a thought dawned upon her that it was time to live life for real, and not behind others expectations. She began writing her own book, creating her own mini-films, acting in plays, and pursuing her dreams of becoming an actress. During her pursuit, she met hundreds of amazing people who lived in the many lands of the world. She promises to be around more often and much more responsive. Most of all, she wants everyone to know that anything is possible, no matter how cliche that sounds, if you put your whole heart and all effort possible, eventually it will happen. Everyday is another chance to turn in all around.


Recent pictures (Taken over the course of the last school year...)


For the people who seem to think I live in front of the mirror and have no interests in life other than with myself...just can't judge a book by it's cover. Acting and modeling is something I want to acheive now when I am still a teenager at home. However, I am a senior and when I go off to college I hope to major in global studies or journalism. I am very active in school activities and clubs and I am an A-B honors student. I love to read mystery novels and I am obsessed with pottery. There is more to me than just what meets the eye and I will try and show everyone that.
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