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Pets: fun right, In the middle of da niiight!, DHOOM TANNA, CHUCKACHUCKACHUCKAPOP, OMBHOTHJSHDFJHL, I FINISHED MY 20 QUESTIONS YAAAAAAY, cut school wit me bby, this isn't fun, apparently money isn't a thing, HAVE YOURSELF, A MERRY LITTLE FUCKFACE, SEXAY LADAY FROM THE 80S, PONYSTARS. OMB., I'm in love with a girl named Fred., thanks for the cheap plastic wand spahkul, OH WHEN AH LOOK IN HER EYES, YOU'RE TH E ONLY ONEEEEEEEEEE, tma is in pittburgh today. close, I have to swing dance today. EW., ptchptchptch, and thats the way it should be, i belong to you you belong to me, double oh seven baby, im too lazy to be literate rai now, how'd you fix dat ice problem, I WANT TO WRITE MY CHRISTMAS LIST, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MAH TWO FRONT TEETH, IHASMOREPETSTHANYOUGWEE, LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA, FIVEFOOTTWO, A spoonful of sugar, HELPS THE MEDICINE GO DOWN., LOLOLOLGLASS, AYM COOL, IF YOU READ THIS, EEMAIL GWA SAYING CYBERME, I'M A HAWTIE, FANE, FANE'S SO CUUUTE., SRKSRKSRK, Glacier is a sexy beast, im not on fiya bitch, mah social security numbah is 5, what is up with the name jimmy, NOCAPS, IHAVEFROSTEDFLAKESIWTHOUTMILK, Gwee, I have a Wand of Healing, PLAY WITH FIRE, KIDS., TAKE THAT NESSIE, ...HAI, LOLOLOLFIN, 69 STYLE, PAINFILLEDTEETH, GWEE'S TRYING TO CATCH UP TO MAH PETS. NEVER!, JEC, Thanks Spahkul, I lost the game., i don't cyber, WE ALL LOVE YOU SPAHKUL, KUCHI TO GYAH MERE KUCH TO GYAH., NENEHNEHNEHNEHNEHNEHNEHNEHNEH, HAWTBAWS, hawt baws, bby, YAHYAHBBY, FASTER WINK WINK, THUMBS UUUUUUP, GWA HATES GWEE. HAHAHA, Luime, My Unicorn Herder, Shop Pet of the Day!, I'm bored so here's a pet, I use plungers for my butt, I'm going to go update my blog for the 6th time today. No kidding. It will be the 6th time. Hahah, you're jealous aren't you. Well stop being jealous! Go lick a plate or something. All of my ads on this page are stupid. I like it when they say stuff that aren't anything like the page I'm on. Okay let me go update my blog now, Something DID happen. I made a new character!, My mom'll be home any minute, My dog is ripping the couch, I like to use sharpies for bad things, Just click the pet on the top left, The new Zeka is actually pretty hot, Your are such a jealous bitch., Celcial is perverted after 1 AM, Oooh, I spy buttsex!, Schnitzel from Chowder says my name!, Your name isn't on a show so you're jealous, Have you ever seen the show LambchopQUESTIONMARK, Damn that pet that stretched my pet page. , I sip this Pepsi and wonder WHY THE FUCK AM I MAKING MORE PETS, Can you sepak Pig Latin fluently, I can speak it but not very well. , That makes me sad. Does it make you sad, I think I want to EAT YOUR MOM, My head is in the toilet, Stop laughing at my name, Gwee!, I was looking at my pets and saw that I spelled speak as sepak, You wish you had a giant paper clip, I found a giant paper clip earlier today, My name is Paperclip Monster, When was the last time I actually fed my pets, Why didn't you imprint on me, How dare you imprint on my daughter, Nellie is a fucking bitch., I hate you Nellie., Om nom nom., I are drinking Pepsi, I feel liek posting on my blog again, but not much happened, so I can't., I spelled like liek on one of my pets names. Hah., Mere mehboob , RIP Bagel, I'm bored. Pets. Yay. Yeah. So. Um. Totally., YELLOW HALL PASS, MANUDADAAAAA, Babloooo, HOOWAHH, LADKI LADKA, THE BABY IS STILL CRYING. SAVE IIIIIIIT, so imma keep making them, On one of my pet's name's I corrected a spelling mistake of like but accidentally typed liek again. PHAIL., I'M EATIN A MANGOO, F-R-E-E THAT SPELLS FREE, i want 200 pets, WHAT IS A LIFEA. I MEANT A LIFE. TA STORAGE NEEDS A LIFE., I WOULD LOVE TO BE THE ONE, TA STORAGE NEEDS A LIFEA, I live in a cake., IKE IKE IKE IKE, Mastah Spahkul is de bestest Mastah evahh! SPARKLEWORKS FTW., I have more pets than Gwee. HAHAH, IM A RAPIST, TELL ME BABY, BUTTSEXXXXXXXXX, BY RAP I MEAN RAPE, OOOO-O-O-ONE, LETS RAP, I WONDER HOW MANY PETS I HAVE, MAGICAL LAND IN TEH TRASH CAN, PARENTS GOT GAME, GUITAR SOLOOOO, FORGETTING TARD LOL, Whooo is dat gurl ah seee, starin strayt back ayt meee, Tumare Ma, wtfhusky, cReDiT rEpOrT dOt CoM bAbY, AH AH AH AH STAYIN' ALIVE STAYIN' ALIVE, CHAD THE PLAID LAD, YES BOSS, DUPLICATE, OM SHANTI OM, KOYLA, MAIN HOON NA, BAAZIGAR, BAADSHAH, OTHER SRK MOVIE, IKE SUCKS, YO MOMMA WAS KICKASS LAST NIGHT, Once upon a time I KICKED YOU IN THE FACE, Ek shararat hone ko hai, Ek qayamat hone ko hai, Hosh humare kone ko hai, Humko muhabbat hone ko hai, LA LAI LAI LAI LAI LAI LAI LAI LAI, Sassah bby, This is why Sassah is hawt!, Yeah boy Sassah!, OOOOOOOOOOOOONE, Rahulx8, Buy Me Up 3.30.09, HERE IN HOT BOLLYWOOD, I once was a YOUR MOM, YEH DIL, OOOHHH JIMMAYYY, I AM PRESSING SHIFT, i am pressing shift again, CAPLOCKSFTW, S IS FOR SEXY YES OH SO SEXY, R IS FOR RAHUL WINS!, K IS FOR KILLING ALL OF THE DUMBWADS, all four membas of tma are sick, SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUKHKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, Ooh oowala ooh ooh oowalawala., Hotpause, I NEED A QUESTION MAAAAAAAAAARK, Sugar Boys, Sanoj Sisters, ill probably be too behind when i do though, SPAHKUL'S ON, SPAHKUL'S ON, HERES ONE, PYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR, RAB NEEEEE BANA DIIIIIIIIIIIIII JODIIIIIIIIIAHEAHREHA, dun forgeyt threeeeeeeee, AYND TWO, IM PLAYIN HOOKIE, HYUK HYUK 210, 209 YAY, this is a pair of footsweaters, THAT IT'S ACTUALLY JUST A REPORT, SHE SAID THAT UM, BRITNEY SAID THAT, IN THE END...BRITNEY SAID THAT HUHUUHU, NO, NO, NO, THE OUTSIDERS., UM, UM, UM, IN TH EOUTSIDERS..., SHALL WE DANCEQUESTIONMARK, gwee is the ugliest thing i have ever seen since yo momma in bed, koiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ladkiiiiiiiiiii haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, shuddup. yhgbj, THATS NOT DEEP ENOUGH, I'M IN LOVE WITH A CURLY Q NAMED FRED, LOLOLOLOLHIGHESTPETS, LET'S SHADE TOGEDAAAAAAAAAA, my brain consists of, reilly and glacier and fane, NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE REST!, RECHERCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Tuhwitch. , SHAYDIYUNG EES FOON, FLYING MOUSTAHCE!, Raj Kapoor, YEH LADKI HAAAAAAAAAAI, DEEWANAAA HAI DEEWANA DEEWANA DEEWANA!, Fat Shahrukh Khan Salesmen, Buy Me Up Salesperson , Valor Calder., Meine O'Reilly, DANA SCULLY HUHU, FOX MULDER HUHU, SERVICE HUHU, YOFACE HUHU, WAITIN FOR RP REPLIES HUHU, NUMBERS ARE FUN 21847872878937, DONCYOO LOOOOOOOOOOVE NUMBER, S! I FORGOT THE S IN NUMBERS, WHOA I SAW A CAR, HOW MANY PETS SO I GOT, SO I GOT NO DO I GOT, LOL I AM BORED, i should do my math homework, i should do my excel homework too, BUT I'M TOO LAZY TO, the scrollybar face gets smaller every other time i make a pet, HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH, HUHUHUHUHUHUH, s is for stupid yes or so stupid, r is for re-taw-ded!, i dont think i own a lamfret, i should rly get 1, ombisntmychtspkgud, k is for kites...because gwa couldn't think of anything else!, no actually, tis terrible, but thats a good thing isn't it, ANY DREAM WILL DOOOOOOOOOO, OAPOSROPHEBAMA IS IRISH, im too lazy to use punctuation k, its always so boring, my mom is a girl, my dad is a boy, valor calder likes cars, isnt he manly, we should be able to use the questionmark lalalal, rootbeer is good, IHYIHYIHYINHHGHJHXDFJKL, stephen king hates stephenie meyer HAhah, oh the power to be strong, and the wisdom to be wi-i-ise, all these thign will come to you in time, on this journey that you're making, they'll be asnwers that you se-e-ek, son of man look to the sky, lift your spirits set it free, one day you'll walk tall with pride, son of man a man in time you'll beeeeee, NYUUUUUURHJFK, nuhuhnowai, 33333333333333333333ohai33333333, TAPEDAMMIT, DOTDOTDOTDOTDOT, I have the Mighty B theme stuck in my head. , NYORNYORNYOR, MICK ST. JOHN IS AMAZING, Buy Me Up 4.2.09, Buy Me Up 4.10.09, ILY EPIC. YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE. EXCEPT FOR MAYBE TERI. ILH2., 3.1415926535897932384626433832, Itzel
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hi, my name is radha.

call me: gwa! ;)
gmail: [email protected]

i am a homo sapien.

name: radha
age: seventeen
height: five feet two and a half inches

i like some things.

reading, writing, eating, drinking,
texting, procrastinating, toradora, ouran,
batman, wolverine, musicals, bollywood,
youtube, mitchell davis, SHINee,
straight no chaser, nabari no ou, kuroshitsuji,
summer stage, tumblr,
pencils, beowulf, pandora hearts