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Name: andrew smith
Gender: Male
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Eem: 218,209
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Pets: googoogaa, popett, frheuildh, gabert, smiddy1995, smiddy 2.0, hsdfjkl, qsqeqw, putiy, smidy1995, jebus1995
Shops:rares and much much more , storage, anything and everything, 100 eem shop
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freinds list:
hard rockin man
sadman 15
rock legends


orb of demons.....done
one million eem.....had but spent it, got it again and spent it again, got again and spent again
two million eem.....had but spent it, got it again, spent it again.
five million eem.....not that far, heaps far away now
Death rock.....had it but sold it
orb of nature.....had it but sold it
over 2000 items.....definately got it
bottled bruised.....had one but sold it
really cool orb.....got 5 of them

i also collect balls of fluff so if u hav any spare ones id be grateful if you gave them to me

people i'm thankful to at the moment:
deadhead1994.....gave me some balls of fluff(thanks by the way)
violentkitty'.....gave me a million eem(thanks!!!)
hard rockin man(he just plain awesome)
skullman(he's even more awesome!!)
cloudy-0..... buy's almost all of my items( underpriced but no-one else buys them.)
Blue Moon.....gave me a ball of fluff (thank you )
Dark Angel112.....gave me 10 balls of fluff

thats my profile so far, thanks for reading