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Donated Items for my collection:

Caruhi Strawhert Carved Stronoak
Caruhi Vigil Candle
Artti Artti's Head

ITEMS I NEED!!! Donations are helpful.

1000 Items
2356 New Year Poster
Ancient Coin
Anima's Portrait
Anima's Secret Box
Anti-CJ Royal Pillow
Antler's Stockings
Antsca's Katana
Autographed CJ Picture
Ball and Chain
Bean Bag Fat Man
Birthday Doll
Black Cloak
Bloody Steak
Blue Chocolate Cupcake
Blue Static
Book of CJ
Book of Leif
Book of MacDougs
Book of NightRanger
Book of Phoenix
Book of Wesc
Bottle of Snow
Bottle Rocket
Bottled Blob
Bottled MacDough's Soul
Box of Chocolates
Box Of Doom
Bruised's Stockings
Building Blocks
Bunny Beany
Bussel Berries
Candy Cane Scarf
Candy Crutch
Candy Necklace
Captured Little Green Man
Cauldron Carved Stronark
Cavy Girls Scrap Book
CCSC Triumph Metal
Chicky Egg
Chocolate Bunny Ears
Chocolate Coated Fiallip Nuts
Chocolate Diopula Cookie
Chocolate Lamfret Cookie
Chocolate Gravestone
Chocolate Hearts
Chocolate Quasitel Cookie
Chocolate Strawhert Smoothie
Cool Dunk
Corn in a Pod
Counterfeit CJ Rock
Crystal Shield
Crystal Sword
Debeon Carved Stronark
Debeon Doll
Dead BunnymasterG
Death Rock
Decorative Eggs
Derlon Dolly
Dual Flavoured Chocolate Komeeko
Duster and Pan
Eagle Plushie
eC 10000
eCG 1000
eCG 10000
eCritter Zapper
Ed's First Snow
Edible Flower
Egg Balloon
Evil Sprit
False Idol
Fancy Torch
Ferran Ears
Ferran Mask
Festive Beads
Filthy Box
Finel Poastcard
Fire Truck
Flaming Lolipop
Flare Rock
Four-Leaf Clover
Gaperse Candy Stick
Generic Chocolate Egg
Generic Chocolate Shells
Gravity Day Tree
Green Static
Green Shanori Plushie
Griffin Plushie
Gummy Parasite
Hallowe'en Bow
Halloween Candy Cane
Halloween Scarf
Holiday Ribbon
Hoppaki Action Figure
Hoppaki Plushie
Hoppaki Poster
Ice Staff
Jenny's Stockings
Kadorr Hat
Kelpie Hat
Kinky Box
Kinky Moosh Birthday Cake
KKs Fuzzy Poetry Journal
Leif's Head
Maple Leaf
Melted Rubber
Metal Detector
Mr Blob
Night Sky Mitten
Non-Chocolate Bunny
Ominous Ferran Puffs
Orb Of Mystery
Painted Egg Plant
Pirate Hook
Poison Vial
Polished Gem
Poison Vial
Poopy Ribbon
Poorly Made Wooden Stake
Purple Pie
Pulverrudda Staff
Quasitel Plushie
Quasitel Poster
Rainbow Rock
Ripped Shirt
RR 10,000
RR 1000!
Rubber Ducky
Sabotaged Blustra Biscuit
Smite Sack
Snarth Skeleton
Spiritite Ore
Spooky Scythe
Star Pendant
Star Rock
Tawra Hat
Test Item
The 12 Gifts of Winter
The Lost Radus: Torta in Exile
The Lost Radus: Torta's Escape
The Lost Radus: Elder Fears
The Lost Radus: Home at Last
Toy Spaceship
Tyler's Head
Ultra Whacker
Witch's Hat
W/E Distric Token
Witch's Hat
Zeka Plushie