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Name: Matt M
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Pets: Uber_loser, Useless, Bob Dole, CJ Is Your God, I am Funny Looking, Phoenixmla II, Leif the Smelly, I am ZIM, Little Turtly Man, A thingie Adam drew, Leif is Smelly, Smite me I say, Kinky Squirrle, Pet dedicated to me because I am a loser and no one else will ever dedicate a pet to me unless I told them to in which case they probably would not do so anyways, Sorta ugly but at the same time really scarfy thingie, Holy crap I am ugly, George the hobo who is supposedly a vegitarian but sneaks in bacon every once in a while and on even rare occasions a cheese burger, My mommy says that I am not a number, My mommy tells me the truth and that I am pet number 19848, The girl who died from eating all her vegetables, I exist for no apparent reason and I am not green, Trogdor the Burninator v2, Good Charlotte is as punk as a Kushy, If CJ is not your god then you are of the purest evil, Do not worship Nerdzrool he is a bad man who abuses children and thinks that Lilties are smelly and ugly, Remember children that CJ loves you if you worship her and hates you if you worship Nerdz because he is a bad god, Nerdz do not rule or rool because only CJ can rule and or rool, 1 wanz 2 b sum1 so 1m gunna put flaney 1n a p37 n4m3, Lesbian Seagull, This Shanori is going to be a slave weather it likes it or not, My eyes are too damn big, I want a tattoo, Dinge Shanori, Der1on, I got tentacle-raped, This is what Nerdzrool looks like when he has not slept listening to his Backstreet Boys CD, Regal Bryant, Presea Combatir, I love to get beat sexually, lol im a 5lu7 wanz 2 s3e me get h0rnee wit my frendz send me 20k np n ill send u tha vid omg itz ahwt n we all getz 0rgazmz, Strongbad is my hero, The Ugly One, Whats Her Face, So-and-So, Cheerleader from TGS, Drew Carey, I hate Jared, xXxAzNvIeTh4x0rZxXx
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I turn tricks outside the Sheetz. My shift starts at 2 in the morning every day.