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I'm wicked scary old-- so old that I need to wear reading glasses when I play this game. Since I'm probably older than your mom or dad (and maybe even your GRANDPARENTS!), you probably really don't want to chat (or anything else) with me..although I am very chatty and usually answer eeMails. Have a great time on the site.

Congratulations to...ME. I became an EeMillionaire on Friday, January 9, 2004. Whoo hoo!!! On Thursday September 30, 2004, I became a multi-EeMillionaire when I crossed the 2 million barrier. This time, I did it without selling a stone of luck. On October 11, 2005, my eem pile got to 3 million. I guess that means if you just log on whenever you can and play random eem every time..and don't really run a store or buy or sell anything, you can make a million eem a year. By the fall of 2006, let's see if I have 4 million.

March 29, 2006. I was here on the site, doing my normal "stuff" of not much significance..and noticed that I suddenly had over 4 million eem. I don't know WHEN or how I got a mystery million, because I don't even know when it happened..but since I didn't EARN it, I guess I have a mysterious benefactor. Thank you.. I think. *Mystery Money* is a little scary/creepy..but fun..and appreciated. Is my new goal 5 million by fall, now?

March 29th, 2006. A BIG, BIG day for me. Somebody bought one of my stones of luck. I play a game with myself in that I have lowered the price on two of my extra stones every day, wondering how low they would go before somebody bought one. Somebody did, today..and now..I am the six million eem woman. Of course now I feel rich and have no goals...so now I am probably just going to run amok like Paris Hilton does.

THANK YOU to all my financial helpers.

April 7, 2006. Sold the last of my "extra" stones of luck somehow, and am now an eeMillionaire seven times over. While I am still not rich in eCritter terms,I have more money than I ever thought I would and am too comfortable. I need a new challenge.

NEW CHALLENGE!!! I don't want to restock or collect, so I have finally decided to let LoveBird be a different color. I bought a "purple", and a back up red injection at very reasonable prices. The purchases were barely noticeable to my bank account, as we're still in the 7 million eem range. On May 15, 2006--my nephew's 13th birthday-- LoveBird became purple. (Watch this space!) Update- On June 2, 2006, which is my birthday, I gave LoveBird a red injection to turn her back to her original hue. We both like her better this way.

November 7, 2006-- Wow, this took forever, but I finally achieved my next million and became a eCritters millionaire for the 8th time over.

December 25th,2006. Somebody must have purchased my low priced stone of luck for their pet as a Christmas present, because THAT is how I got to be a nine millionaire on Christmas night.

March 11, 2007. I sold an extra stone of luck for a very low price so I could finally claim to have ten million eem. It feels pretty good..but it also feels weird not to have a goal.

October 22, 2007. I now have 11 million eem. From now until Halloween, I am going to buy donuts to hand out to eCritters trick-or-treaters to celebrate this milestone. I love Halloween on eCritters, and this year, I want to play, too.

April 16, 2008. We reached 11,500,000 or halfway to our financial goal for autumn.

May 28, 2008. Put an extra stone of luck in my store sometime this spring, sold it for an amount I can't remember on a day I can't recall, and just noticed that I am past my 12 million dollar goal and then some. Now, my goal by fall will need to be 13 million. We shall see. We've been lazy lately.

A BIG THANK YOU to cotton342 for the gift of eem to help me out on my "lucky 13 million" goal.

September 16, 2008. Wow..just got a random event that TOOK 1,000 from me. How mean is THAT? (Still NOT at 13 million, btw)

October 12, 2008. BadBadBadBunny randomly donated 13,704 eem to my goal and sent it back again when I tried returning it. I guess she's only a double bad instead of a triple bad bunny. HA HA HA Thanks, again. We're edging closer to the 13 million eeem goal.

November 11, 2008. Tiny Sparkle randomly donated a whopping 74,164 eem to me, which surprised me and pleased me to no end. LoveBird and I have not been on the computer so much these past couple of months, so we were sad because we missed our goal of having 13 million eem by November. The gift made us very, very happy. Tiny Sparkle, please let us know if you need our help in the future.

AAAARRGGHHHHHHH...guess what happened immediatly after I updated my profile. You guessed it--

Random Event!
You see figures in black carrying boxes into Desdemona's tent. You take a few steps towards them, only to be mysteriously knocked out. Later you wake up with none of the odd figures in sight, but find that you have lost 720 eem.

I'll be back to 13 million by then end of this evening..but..how irritating is THAT????

June 17, 2009. Thirteen million was feeling unlucky and I wanted to get to 14 quicker than I was, so I did a "super sale" on an extra stone of luck and jumped my bank account up nearly 3 mil. Now, I am working on getting to 17 mil instead of 14.

July sometime or another, 2009. I hit 17 million at some point, but I wasn't paying attention.

July 31st, 2009. I logged on and found THIS eemail
Cloudy--1 has given you 832,520 eem. This brought me to 18 million eem. THANK YOU!!!!

CandyKiss randomly gifted me a nice sum of money to help me get to my next goal.

CandyKiss struck again with a random donation, which got me to the 19 million mark on April 16, 2010.

Next up.. 20 million!!!!!

20 million achieved, thanks to yet ANOTHER donation from CandyKiss. Do not ask CandyKiss for money..because I already have it all.

October 27, 2010-- thanks to a gift from rebeCanA-Tor, I got to my next goal of 25,000,000.

June 17, 2011 -- although I had reached 30 million eem sometime or another and not recorded it, a nice chunk of change came in as a donation from Tricky_214, which gets me a bit further down the path to 35 million.

January 5, 2013. It felt like it took forever for me to claw my way from 30 million to 31 million, but I did it in the fall of 2012. User Scratch That jumped in with a massive donation and I became a millionaire 32 times over. Onto the next million........


Traffic around here is pretty slow, so..I am now going to list the time and date of every time I am on this site ALL BY MYSELF.

ALL ALONE-- April 14, 2010-- 6:41:44 eCritters time.

April 23, 2010-- 6:11:28 eCritters time.

April 26, 2010-- 10:57:21 eCritters time.

April 27, 2010-- 8:18:03 eCritters time.

October 29, 2010-- 13:45:10 eCritters time.

My game "All Alone" got boring pretty quickly because it was way too easy. I am all alone here quite often.

Time for a new game!!!

2015 - My new game is "I will win the lottery." Every time I earn 750 or more eem from the random draw, I will buy 5 lottery tickets. Eventually, I will win.

March 2016 -- Taking a break from the "I will win the lottery game" as I have not won. I am going to get to my next million eem and then try again.

May 23, 2016. I just became an eCritters millionaire times 33!!!! Yep, 33,000,000 eem.

Now..I am going to resume my quest to win the lottery by only buying tickets when I get over 750 eem from the half hour random drawing.

JANUARY 8, 2018. I FINALLY WON THE LOTTERY using the plan I devised in 2015. However...it was not the windfall I had anticipated receiving one day, as I won by purchasing 25 of the measly 30 tickets sold. Still, I am pleased, amused, and have "somewhat" lived my dream. I am still only a 33 time eemillionaire, though, as my take was less than 400 eem.

HA HA HA!!!! On January 1st, 2019--- I learned that I won the lottery for the second time. Was I excited... YES...but then I realized that only 5 tickets were sold--all to ME--and that meant that with the lottery's cut, I WON the lottery but actually LOST 50eem. I paid 500 into the system and won 450.

On January 14, 2019, I won the lottery again..but since I purchased the only ten tickets sold, I actually lost 100eem --thereby losing even more money than I lost when I "won" the lottery two weeks earlier.

On January 28, 2019, I won the lottery again by losing the most money on it to date. I bought the only 25 tickets sold.

I won the lottery again on 2/04/19 --twice in a row--and I "only" lost 50 eem when I "won" 450eem by buying the ONLY 5 tickets sold.

I won the lottery again on 2/18/19 by buying 20 of the 33 tickets sold. Whoa... did I actually MAKE money on this one??? That's a novelty. Thanks to whomever bought those other 13 tickets. I appreciate it.

3/11/19 -- the day of my 7th lottery win. I bought 25 of the 26 tickets sold.

4/8/19 -- another lottery win. I bought 25 out of the 26 tickets sold again.

4/15/19 -- Ferra has won 1,350 eem in the lottery! She bought the only 15 tickets sold.

4/22/19 -- "won" 270 eem in the lottery after spending 300eem to buy the only three tickets sold. I normally buy 5 at a time, but decided to try buying ONE ticket every time I received over 750 eem from the random draw.

5/20/19 -- bought 10 of the 11 tickets sold and won the lottery. I still haven't made any money at this!

5/27/19 -- bought 15 of the 16 tickets sold to win the lottery.

6/3/19 -- another month, another chance to lose money by playing the lottery. I bought the only 6 tickets sold. I bought five by my ticket purchasing plan, went to buy the next five and saw the low activity, so I just bought one more. I lost LESS money than I could have.

6/10/19 -- I am the queen of winning the lottery when I am the only one playing. I bought 4 tickets, so I lost 40eem when I "won" this week.

6/24/19 --lost the lottery last week when Ryan bought 50,000 tickets, but I won again this week by buying 20/24 of them.

7/1/19 -- won by buying the only 11 tickets sold. I "won" 990 eem...but spent 1,100 eem to play.

8/12/19 --after six weeks of losing because other people played, I finally "won" the lottery again by purchasing the only 25 tickets sold.

8/19/19 -- I won the lottery by purchasing the only 10 tickets sold. I only lost 100eem this time!

OCTOBER 7, 2019 -- This was a looooooong haul, but I finally got my eem bankroll up to 34 million today. I went through my history, and I announced that I had achieved my goal of 33 million eem on May 23, 2016. Yep..it took me 3.5 years of my casual playing to add another million to the pile. Onto 35 million. Maybe an actual win in the lottery will make this a quicker process next time..but I doubt it.

10/14/19 -- Won the lottery by purchasing the only 30 tickets sold. I had fallen off the winners list by losing 5 weeks in a row..but..I'm back.

Monday October 21st, 2019
Ferra has won 1,800 eem in the lottery! --She stopped at 20..and was once again the only ticket buyer, so once again, she lost money--but not as much as last week. Silly Ferra!

OCTOBER 28th, 2019. MY BEST LOTTERY WIN EVER!!! I bought 40 of the 61 tickets sold, and for the first time in my lottery history, I came away with 1,490 more eem than I spent to play. I'm still a professional lottery loser...but..it was fun to have "profited" for just this one week. I am still playing my system, and somebody bought the max 50 thousand tickets this upcoming week, and I will buy 100 at the most--depending upon how many times my random eem award is 750 or greater--so--my current streak will most likely be over--but if I defied the extreme odds on this week's lottery and won..I would probably have to lottery-retire!

November 25th, 2019
Ferra has won 1,350 eem in the lottery! Ferra also lost money again as she bought the only 15 tickets sold this week.

12/15/19 - won the lottery again by purchasing the only 20 tickets sold. The week before, she bought more than double the number of tickets Ryan bought and lost anyway--making her an extra special loser that week.

December 16, 2019. I was having a bad day, signed on here to do my thing, and was stunned by the notification at the time of my screen and my bank balance. Gengar surprised me by donating quite a substantial sum of eem which made me a.... millionaire times 50. Whoo hooo
Yes, I have 50 million eem in my eCritters pocketbook. THANK YOU for the fun surprise and attitude adjustment for the day, Gengar.

It's a new year and decade. Happy 2020 everybody.

1/20/2020 -- my first "sort of" lottery win of the year. I bought 20 of the 21 tickets sold.

AND... I have NO IDEA how or when my eCritters bankroll mysteriously jumped from 50 million to 75 million, but it did. I haven't located a gift notification, so it was either by mistake, by magic, or by generous staff members. THANK YOU, mysterious benefactors.

2/24/2020....I finally got my eCritter lottery miracle when I won 2070 nps and "only" spent a thousand to do it. My first ever profit!!!! Will I quit while I am ahead? Of course not. I will be continuing to buy 5 tickets every time I win more than 750nps in the random draw. Right now, 20 out of the 30 tickets sold are mine...and I expect to lose money and probably the lottery drawing on Monday, as well.

2020-03-02 Ferra 41 tickets sold 30 tickets purchased by Ferra 3,690 eem

2020-03-09 Ferra 20 tickets sold 20 tickets purchased by Ferra 1,800 eem

2020-03-23 Ferra 46 tickets sold 30 tickets purchased by Ferra 4,140 eem won


What an excellent achievement in these days of COVID -19 social distancing.

2020-04-06 Ferra 36 tickets sold - 35 tickets purchased by Ferra - 3,240 eem "won"

2020-04-13 Ferra 31 tickets sold - 30 tickets purchased by Ferra - 2,790 eem "won"


Draw date Winner Total tickets purchased Tickets purchased by winner Prize
2020-05-04 Ferra 51 15 4,590 eem

Draw date Winner Total tickets purchased Tickets purchased by winner Prize
2020-05-18 Ferra 31 20 2,790 eem
2020-05-11 Ferra 27 25 2,430 eem
2020-05-25 Ferra 20 20 1,800 eem
2020-06-01 Ferra 10 5 900 eem
2020-06-15 Ferra 21 20 1,890 eem
2020-07-06 Ferra 17 15 1,530 eem
2020-07-13 Ferra 17 15 1,530 eem
2020-07-20 Ferra 21 20 1,890 eem
Whoo hoo - This next win was a GOOD win.
2020-07-27 Ferra 105 20 9,450 eem
2020-08-24 Ferra 126 25 11,340 eem
2020-09-07 Ferra 41 20 3,690 eem
2020-09-21 Ferra 55 25 4,950 eem
2020-10-05 Ferra 11 10 990 eem
2020-10-19 Ferra 32 30 2,880 eem
Draw date Winner Total tickets purchased Tickets purchased by winner Prize
2020-10-26 Ferra 57 45 5,130 eem
2020-12-14 Ferra 8 5 720 eem
2021-01-11 Ferra 28 25 2,520 eem
2021-01-18 Ferra 38 15 3,420 eem
2021-02-08 Ferra 28 15 2,520 eem
2021-02-22 Ferra 20 20 1,800 eem
2021-03-01 Ferra 22 20 1,980 eem
2021-03-08 Ferra 32 15 2,880 eem
2021-03-22 Ferra 23 20 2,070 eem
2021-03-29 Ferra 27 25 2,430 eem
2021-04-12 Ferra 18 15 1,620 eem
2021-04-19 Ferra 36 15 3,240 eem
2021-04-26 Ferra 61 30 5,490 eem -- HEY! I think I made money on this one.
2021-05-03 Ferra 25 25 2,250 eem
2021-05-24 Ferra 86 15 7,740 eem
2021-06-14 Ferra 11 10 990 eem
2021-07-12 Ferra 11 10 990 eem
2021-07-05 Ferra 15 15 1,350 eem
2021-08-23 Ferra 12 10 1,080 eem
2021-08-09 Ferra 19 15 1,710 eem
2021-09-06 Ferra 55 25 4,950 eem
2021-09-20 Ferra 48 30 4,320 eem

Here's an interesting video.