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Name: Jalopi B
Gender: Male
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Pets: The PROTECTOR of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The Killer of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The WIZARD of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The Soldier of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The Guardian of MUZLEBEGS storage, The BLUE of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The Yellow of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The GREEN of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The Red of the MUZLEBEGS storage, The OWNER of the MUZLEBEGS storage, Zeka of luck, MindBuster, Late nightness, Bounceybooty, The Beauty Of the land, Nincardo, The Flying Beauty, The pale beauty, Sorcerer of Death, Crazydragon, Fluffeyboy, General wesc12, Kill napoleon1221, The Flying Horror, Eragoy, ChristianLoser12, kat1o1, snap24, KA storage12, Hobbaki, King of the jungle, tortured big fatty, Crying Beaut in the sea, Murla of my jungle, Hi im butt, I gat seven balls, pink47, I am king of flap, b0unCininliN3, POOPOODOODOO, Kelsey E, The Red Blood, DOODOOVACA, so beauty, Furry80, Let me bust your mind or die, I have a tie die butt, Hi I am peltable But if you attack any other pets you will die DIE, NARO, CARCASI, Tidus12, YUna12, Rikuka, ryukensen, Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki, Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki12, Heavens Dragon in flight, Big fat sucky Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki, senkaku, voldemort hahaha, debeons are kool, PELT KAT1O1 ONLY ONE TIME NO MORE LOL, PELT GREASE, Lord V ader12, I smell poopoo, Flap Flap plap, Saint Patrick gave me 5 leaf pendents
Shops:BIG SALE!!!
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10th on the Richest list
Heck yes have a look

If you ask me to cyber. You will be ignored.
You will be pelted if I am not lazy.

My frineds, donators, and people i worship.
*Honor Hunter-Bought my Death Rock at a reasonable price.
*turtle-funny, cool, buys
*Rocko98-Sold me Death Rock. Worships forever on eCritters.
*Generalwesc-having evidence to get leif to get my wand back.
*ChristianLoser12-My best frined in real life
*Lisa-She is a very nice person and a very good artist but don't have the title artist but she needs one.Also very nice again.
*ka storage-Big idiot in real life.Also my best friend in real life.
*fluffeyboy-cool. my best friend in real life
*anti muffin man=forgat password so is on snap24-nice and helps out.
*Frillo-Nice and likes to help out people in need.
*Eurleif-got my wand back for me when i discarded it.
*Sorcerer of death-sold me a strawhert wand for only 30million eem
*MT Storage-has let me held a death rock even for a sort time it made me happy.
*late-night-Buys from me and sometimes gets all mad but good frined.
*If you are a frined of mine and are not on this list then tell me i will put you up right way.

A pic of me and this is the end of my profile thanks for looking I am 13 years old!
98% of the teenage population does or has tried pot. if you are one of the 2% that hasn't tried it, copy and paste this in your profile