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Ima juggalo and you can eat a dick if your not and if you stay long enough youll get your eye balls popped *pop*

Fatal Falls is the most amazing person ever!!!
he is toooo sweet!!
im so glad i can talk to him!!
he is like my best freiend aside from my
boyfriend who i also love very very much!!!!
muah love you baby *gears of war*

If your goin to be rude dont talk to me

sex: female duh
location: if you must no i live in Colorado
hair color: black
eye color: thay change with my mood
heighth:i dont no i dont care


My Beautiful Addiction.
Eyes never closed.
Torn from reality.
Hate from people who know.
Awake day after day.
Morning to night.
Pounding in your chest.
Heart races to fight.
Eating is repulsive.
Ten pounds you lose.
All alone together.
Me and you.
Inhaled in my lungs, what a perfect cloud.
Nostrils screaming with burn, drip, drip, down.
Everything is perfect, no feeling of restriction.

It's you and me...my Beautiful Addicition