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All things in moderation?

Question/b] "Want to ride in my car? ;x ;x ;x"

Nightwolf278 - "Err....."
Quait - "Hoyeah."
Nerdzrool - "Ok, but I get to put the keys into the ignition."
Zeratul - "ooooo... baby.... dinner and a movie first. then car ride. a niiiice, loooong car ride."
Aishlyn - "My mommy told me never to ride with strangers"
Redrum - "um, i donno"
iLuVrOcK - "um...gimme a second to think about it...."
Trigun - "lol no thanks ^-^"
Canton - "Ooh! What kind of car? Hybrid? Economy? VW something or other? Biodeisel engine?"
duprerashaud - "ha..um no"
mjgraphix - "no it probaly stinks of poo" Later on, I received a second, sudden eemail: "i <3 U
What do we want eem when do we want it now!!!!!!!!!!!i love u"

Dark_KaiserX - "wanna float in my boat"
Marioisis - "your crazy,NO."
Aurora Blackheart - "No thanks I dont take rides in cars with strangers"
Punch-Buggy - "Ha Ha. Nice. This was an awkward invatation.Do youmean like Vroom Vroom car? Then sure! lol *drives away!*"
Autumn_angel - "What do u mean ride in your car?"
HeatOmen - "Uhhh...sure?"
Goddess CJ - "Any time, gorgeous."
Mystic Dragoness - "Are you asking me or my son {whos 14}Hes here..want to talk to him..hold on."
lahyne - "whats that mean if it will be fun the sure if boring then no thx"
Python - "Do I get sex, candy or money?"
Illumainaire - "Uhhh......"
Phreakshow - "Definately."
Justice_girl "Er......do i know you?......but if it's a hummer sure take me with you right away!"
Tenshi Chan - "X3 That depends... what kind of car is it?"
Tr -e_e- - "sure, but only if we can go to taco bell "
Ryukusei - "Lemme think about it.......Probably."
Sakuno - "Err.....What kind of car?"
Tsukasa - "Huh?"
--Dragon--Moon-- - "No. BUt I'll give you my award."
Max - "Of course! I'd love to. Have any candy??"
ST_Lunatic13 - "when you get a car."
Draega - "What's this, now?"
Zygote - "i don't see why not.. but where will we go?"
eurleif - "Depends. Is your car's interior soft and smooth?"
Blac_Devile - "what will I get if I do?"
Rock Fountain - " Only if it's a Chevy."
Adolf Hitler - "If you ride alone, you're riding with me."
carys morley - "is it a sports car? i would love to! have a stuffed snarth!"
TehSage - "Ohmygawd! YES! One of my life dreams has been completed. =D"
t-He -CH_eA-T - "Filler up."
QAS - "The question is..do I get the driver's seat? "