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Name: Alex Lancaster-Baker
Gender: Male
Email: [email protected]
Eem: 4,991,531
Pet choice: Liberate
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Pets: Haphazard, Arkarnus, Orgasm, Cogito Ergo Sum
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Thanks Lisa <33
A b o u t M e

Name: Alex
DOB: 17/02/92
Hair Colour: Very dark brown (almost black)
Eye Colour: Brown
Sexuality: Straight
Favourite Food: Pasta and tuna and steak (seperately xD)
Favourite Bands: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer.
Favourite Game: Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, Rock Band 2
Dislikes: Chatspeak, noobs, trolls etc.


W i s h l i s t a n d g o a l s :
50 Albino Sprits
Get 100 mil xD I ROXORZ!!! 'Tis gone now =[
Get 150 mil ^^

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YIM: tenfrente
MSN: [email protected]
Gaia Online: Tenfrentekun
Xlink Kai: Tenfrentekun
Dragonfable/Battleon: zeelancaster
Atorian: Dicedude
Newgrounds: Dicedude
Runescape: Bl00d_pk3r_i
Myspace: /omgfloppyhair
Bebo: zeelancaster
Skype: Tenfrente
AIM: Tenfrentekun
PSN: Tenfrente


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