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Yin Kazarei
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120lb
Eyes: Brown/black
Hair: Shoulder length, cropped white
- Princess to the Raikage; Used as a token of good faith, she's been stuck in the Village Hidden in the leaf. Used to getting her way and doing what she wants she's not used to being on a team and actually working for her money. It could be worse though. She could have been abducted by an old reformed group seeking to exploit her secret, tortured and broken down, have to be saved by the boy she may or may not have feelings for who has more than a few things wrong with him too and still be stuck in this god forsaken village... Oh... Wait..

Odette Nara
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Eyes: Glasses, brown
Hair: Long, dark brown
- Daughter of two florists; She's always been the smart one, a prodigy when it came to learning new techniques in ninja academy and now she's on a Team Tadpole, a special team for the Hokage. This would be an honor if she wasn't stuck with a rude turtle, a careless princess, her crush and a dog... Why did she agree to this again?

Height: 5'7
Weight: 140
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Long, usually in a pony tail or braid, Sakura Pink
- Origins (unknown); Life is great. Found a cute boy around her usual hang out. Got a wonderful job promotion after a successful ki- um... kitchen supply buy out. Now just to make the final agreements with the H... Heiress of Kitchen ware... and everything could get moving along

Himika Shubino
Height: 5'8
Weight: 145
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long, curled, bright orange
- Hokage to Konoha; Strong, dependable, good natured, and a great leader, she rules over Konoha with an iron fist... holding a keg of beer... She is very close with a majority of the villagers and always tries to do what she can for her village. Having Team Tadpole in hand has been quite helpful in accomplishing her objectives. Hopefully they are able to stay as one after all that's happened.

Rikki Kazerai
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
-Sister to Raikage, Aunt to Yin Kazerai; How lovely that since she is the sister of the Raikage, that she is now the slave to him. Being a sister to the Raikage was just dandy until you added the fact she also had great control over her Bijuu. Naturally, she's been made to teach the Two tails all she can to keep herself occupied. But she's gone through a lot lately, and being the head of... well war prevention tactic force or whatever she's going to call it, she's needed a little stress release... and she thinks she's found it... Maybe.

Sophie "Felice" Michaelis
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110
Eyes: Grey that has a tendency to glow ice blue in particular situations
Hair: Curly, shoulder length, blonde
-Daughter to Quincy Michaelis, Council Member and Military Coordinator of the Humans; Living in the shadows due to being... whatever she was, she was a threat to her father's success and to herself. So she became defiant against him and eventually forced into this strange school where monsters were... normal... Problem is, the humans cannot know she goes to school here and these monsters hate her father. Under a different name, she tries to fit without assimilating in fear of what her father will do. Making friends, adjusting to a secret boyfriend, keeping her secret, not getting involved, growing wings, strange arresting happenings... How much stress can a poor girl endure?

Quincy Michaelis
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170
Eyes: Dull Grey
Hair: Dirty blond, short
-Council Member and Military Coordinator of the Humans; With an agenda on hand, he plans on making sure the monsters to the humans had fewer right, less opportunity to harm his people... Or least that's what people believe.

Marie Dupont
Height: 5'3
Weight: 130
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light brown long
-Daughter to Louise Dupont and Dirk Dupont, a doctor and a musician, Twin sister to Ciel Dupont; Part mermaid part fey, she has been gifted with much from both sides, although she takes after her father more in his musical talents. Now she's dating one of the Big Ten inheritors. The year has gone smooth so far. Hopefully the Council doesn't ruin that for her.

Ciel Dupont
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown short
-Son to Louise Dupont and Dirk Dupont, a doctor and a musician, Twin brother to Marie Dupont; Part mermaid part fey, he takes more after his mother being more part fey than merman. He's strict and attached to his sister, only looking out for her well being but now she's dating a member of the Big Ten. He better be kind to his sister... or face the boy's wrath...

Viola Plasivk
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red brown, shoulder length
-School receptionist and part time love interest to the Head Master, she's only been doing this job as a favor to him but things could certainly be worse. She had a wonderful student worker, got wonderful benefits and still got to enjoy the Headmaster when she wanted to. Although it is a little frustrating convincing him it's important to get to a meeting when all he wants is to show you a good time...

Summoner Luna AKA "Luna of Gala'Zviha"
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120
Eyes: Light grey
Hair: Long black hair
-Luna's the happening of a child abandoned at a young age and chosen by a God to be his candidate towards becoming Grand Summoner or Head Summoner of his temple. Raised up in a temple, her head summoner was her only source of information till she was allowed out of the temple more. Weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. Rambunctious as hell when it comes to particular things and others she's very reserved. She's still trying to learn the whole human thing... it was hard when she had been cooped up for so long with a god and head summoner. And now she's on her own with a overprotective merfolk, a relaxed barbarian, and a drunk ancient Summon-man thing... Yeah she doesn't understand it any more than you do.

Dali Nautilus
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pale light blue grey long
-Guardian to Summoner Luna; Who knew life would turn out so... interesting. But she wouldn't have it any other way. She got away from her problems at home and is serving the future of this government... At least that's what she believes. Too bad she's stuck with a lump of rocks and a self pitying Possessed

Darrien Fivi
Height: 5'9
Weight: 225
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brown, short
-Guardian to Summoner Luna; Spent all his life in Gala'Zviha working with his father, a local fisherman. Being from a small Summoner town, he was raised in a sweet community. Although he has the heart of gold and the muscles of Hulk, he also seems to be off in la la land half the time. Who knows what he's thinking on. No one has bothered to really ask.

Summoner Fiona AKA "Fiona of Nytheris"
Height: 5'4
Weight: 115
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long Blonde
-Summoner of Nytheris, she is sort of the essence of the people from the cold barren land of Dulumar, distant, all about business and survival. Picked as a child, as most Summoners were by their Gods, she has always known that she would be the Grand Summoner. She's been working towards this since she learned of her duties as a Summoner. She will do what she needs to in order to keep in the public eye, on the public's good side, and still have plenty of time to train for the Summoner's Ball. With Brass on her side, she has nothing fear and everything to gain. Bring it on. If only she were away of the harm she is to herself.

Hanna Jiji
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130
Eyes: Dark Grey
Hair: Light Pink, medium length wavy
-Hanna is your typical straight A student. Well sort of. She is still trying to figure out this whole Soul Resonance thing but other than that, she blows everything else out of the water. Now if she could just get better at combat training and actually get her weapons up to par. Lucky her, there is a storm a brewing, perhaps she'll get the chance to get to bring her partners up to Death Ringers like she's dreamed with the help of, well, would you call them friends?

Towa Masura
Height: 5'6
Weight: 140
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black, short
-Say what you will, Towa really isn't the one to give a shit unless it's to do with questioning her strength or abilities, then you will get a firm biting of the head right off. If only people knew her behind that exterior of hers, and a few do. She may not act as if she cares about Hanna or Rue but they mean more than words which she hardly has. And if it weren't for Hanna, she would have failed out of Soul Reaper School a LONG time ago.

Rue Masura
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120
Eyes: Orange
Hair: Blond, short, curly
-Before Soul Reaper School, she was in quite the situation. It's not really something she likes to talk about, then again, she doesn't really like talking anyway. But it was thanks to Hanna and Towa that she was able to get away from that. God sends they were to her. Now if she could just repay them back. Of course, there was helping to keep a certain couple's secret and Hanna... well, she hadn't figured that one out yet. She will some day...

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