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just another person on this earth.
born to the absolute wrong time.

my name is lindseesue (that's one name)
i'm 6 months shy of my 18th birthday.
i've been playin eC since I was 12.
i'm a concrete barrier with a sensitive soul.
education means everything to me.
i smoke pot on occasion but dislike hard drugs.
i'm a book-nerd. (message me if you know a good one)
i have a fiance and i love him more then anything.
doing hair, piercings, and tattoos is my passion.
i wanna publish a novel before i'm 18.
i'm my own worst enemy.
i starve to outwit my lust for perfection.
i like meeting geniune good people.

unlike other old users, i'll talk to you.
but please use proper grammar.
the way you type on the internet reflects on your intelligence to me.