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I've left this account to rot!!
Now gone on Fillthee.
Say goodbye to Icecat.*waves*

Okay, fine, sometimes I /do/ go back on here, because for some reason,
people keep sending eemails to here...><

So I'll answer them. Or delete them, whatever.

Don't be an idiot. Read my profile before eemailing me.
Thank you.^-^;

Where ever you see this:

Just click it, if you are interested in where it goes...
Yeah, that makes sense...>>

All the items for eC I drew. Only three are official though...
Hoping that it'll get more.=D *optimistic much*

All my stuff that you can adopt...
Do not eemail me with adoptable requests here!! Eemail me on that account, I go online there everyday al the least.
Stopped doing these, no requesting anymore!

All of meh art. That I drew. I suppose...
*Don't go, it burns!!*

Info about me, for those who care.../b]

_____Quirine... Bite me, it's French okay?
_____Somewhere in Europe, figure it out.
_____16, meaning I'm old enough to buy alchol here!!<33
Favorite bands/b]
_____Bullet For My Valentine.
_____Thousand Foot Krutch.
_____Stabbing Westwards.
_____Sonata Arctica.
_____Hard Fi.
I hate/b]
_____-Being eemailed without a reason.
_____-Annoying people.
_____-You, probably...
I love/b]
_____-My friends.
_____-My family.
_____-My pets.(<33)
_____-My poetry books.