Vincent Medoshi
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Title: Kefka in Disguise
Name: Vincent Medoshi
Gender: Female
Eem: 2,210,192
Pet choice: Enslave
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Achievements: Member
Pets: I Love Kasanei, Makuu, Melire, Paku, Ajali, Pink Floyd, Corone, Jasfen, Kasanei is MINE, Perfect Cell, My Kitty, Beholder, Nefon, Enchita, Thoughtless, Corrupted, Wolfos, White Wolfos, Spectral
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[Banner by NeFeara]

Art trophies made by Moosh.

thanks Dreamriver

Thanks for Trauma, Antilbino, Kalla and Anfrino, Leya.

[By Shiny Pink Bubbles.]

I made this myself so :p.
I don't do art requests, okay. Don't ask. Trades, maybe, but no requests unless I offer them on the art forum...

I'm married to Silverlite123, NeFeara, JimKi and some others >] [And Vince loves Kasanei but we all know that ]


Thanks for the banner Queen Amy.

Rules for behaviour around Vince.[brought to you by PM]:

1. Never hurt Kasanei or Vince will hurt you.
2. Don't ask about his parentage.
3. Never articulate the words "I love PM" in Vince's vicinity.
4. Never ever try to steal his dagger, he has the tendency to disembowel people who do.
5. Never ever come closer than 6 feet in his vicinity unless you're a certain person Vince loves and we all know who THAT is.
6. Never ask him who PM is.
7. And I said NEVER.
8. So listen.
9. Never touch him =X.
10. Never talk to him.
11. Don't ask him what he has for a hobby.
12. DON'T ask him about his parents o.o.
13. Don't ask him about his age.
14. NEVER call him a "stupid hybrid" or a "bastard" He WILL hunt you down and kill you.
15 Don't ask him wth he is ^^;.
16. Don't pelt his pets, he takes these things personally.
17. Never use chatspeak when trying to converse with him.
18. Never EVER mention the name "PM" in his vicinity...also refrain from using the word "pride" when he can hear it.
19. Don't ask him to stab you, he will.
20. Don't ask him what he did at a certain point in time, it's better not to know, really.
21. Don't even THINK about asking him why he has blood on his paws all the time.
22. If you call him a "murderer" well, you're toast...
23. Don't try to kill him, he'll appreciate it, plus, he'll relive if he dies.
24. Don't ask him "how's it going?", he takes that as an insult.
25. Keep him away from mirrors or other reflective surfaces unless you want him to stab you with the shards.

Vince: WTF, WHY DID YOU PUT THAT ON MY PROFILE?*stabs PM multiple times*

Why do I have to write stuff about me...oh well

Name: You can read mer username, can't yah
Nickname: Vince
Age: *stabs*
Hair Colour: Dark Blue
Eye Colour: Blue
Fur Colour: Black
Species: So...I'm a hybrid? sooooo? [Note from Griffinsong: He's a half-Anuri]
Sexual orientation: ... Why do you want to know?
Mate: Kasanei
Hobbies: At any rate NOT answering all your moronic questions.
Likes: RP, blooooood, Kasanei, stabbing people.
Dislikes: PM, PM, PM, everybody in the whole wide world, excluding Kasanei, including himself.
Available Adoptable(s)

Griffin[Free for the time being, eemail me the form to request.]


Head Colour:
Eye Colour:
Outer Beak Colour:
Inner Beak Colour:
Body Colour:
Talon Colour:
Tassle Colour:
Extras: [Nothing too template changing. Only stuff like simple markings and maybe a mane]

Okay, I'll make a FAQs section.

Q: What does HxP mean?
A: Nobody will ever know >]

Q: WTF is up with you saying you are a Lion thing?
A: it's called IC.

Q: Aren't you female?
A: Only OOCly

Q: Are you Griffinsong?
A: Yes.

Q: Did you REALLY draw the Hyia, Drokaal, Kadorr, Murrla, Proach and Toryn?
A: Yes.

Q: Wanna be friends?
A: Out of the blue? Doubtful, I need to get to know people better first.

Q: Hi.
A: Bye.

Q: Who is PM?
A: Pride Meadows, one of Griffinsong's other chars.

Q: What eC items did you draw?
A: Look in the shop "Items I drew" to see.

Q: How did you become a site artist?
A: Macdougs liked my art and asked me if I wanted to be an artist.

Q: Are there any new items/pets you're working on/have drawn already.
A: Maybe.

Q: Can I have a[n] ____[eC item]?
A: well, maybe, if it's a cheap item. rare item? Doubtfully.

Q: Why did you pelt me?
A: I rarely pelt people. Usually one of these reasons
-You pelted me/one of my friends for no good reason.
-You dissed homosexuals/bisexuals on the forums.
-You ruined one of my RPs/somebody else's RP.
-You cussed me or one of my friends out on the forums or through eemail.
-You spammed.
-Somebody asked me to, and that somebody was my friend.

Q: Why did you cuss at me?
A: Sorry, I tend to be a little bit edgy at times, and cuss without really meaning it :p. Haven't done it much lately though. It should be safe to talk to me.

Q: Can you draw me ____?[Also applies to eC item and pet ideas]
A: No.

Q: Can I have ### eem?
A: No.

Q: Can I join your roleplay?
A: Go ahead, but try to use logic and be literate. And no one-liners where avoidable, I like descriptive RP.

Q: What is the answer to Trivia/Insomniac Puzzles #_?
A: *freeze*

Q: Do you have an online GF/BF?
A: Yes, go away.

Q: Is Kasanei your other account?
A: No, she's my girlfriend.

Q: What eC items do you collect?
A: Balls of Fluff, NeFeara Plushies, Baby Zeka Figures, Fuzzy Hats, Cimber Plushies, Orbs of Sunlight and Moonlight, and Bottled Clouds[also Towels, sorta].

Q: What is your eC Wishlist?
Balls of Fluff
Fuzzy Hats
Baby Zeka Figures
Cimber Plushies
Orbs of Sunlight and Moonlight
Well-Drawn Art and Adoptables
Bottled Clouds
Bussel Berries
Anything that isn't in my "One of Each" gallery on Griffinsong
Kadorr Posters [I just like them :x]

Q: Why are you so mean all the time?
A: Stress.

Q: What are your other Accounts?
A: Among others, Griffinsong and Cimber.

A: It's an /RP/ relationship >> between MY char and somebody else's.

Q: Vince has a SON?
A: uh, well, sorta.

Q: How old is Vincent?
A: You don't wanna know, seriously.

Q: Come on, TELL ME. What does HxP mean?
A: I already said, it's none of your business. Want Vincent to gut you? No? Then stop asking. Nobody will ever know.

Q: Magick?
A: Yes, magick.

Q: Will you buy my ____?
A: No. Go away. I don't want spam advertizement eemails.

Q: Can I edit your artwork?
A: NO. Unless it's official eC artwork[which you only need to credit for], you can not edit my art unless you're a good friend of mine.

Q: Wanna cyber?
A: um. No.

Q: Wana cybr?
A: I already said no, Saddler might want to, eemail HIM.

Thanks Resin

If there was an adoptable or other artwork you made for me here then please remind me so I can put it Into my shop. I deleted part of my profile by accident, and transferred the rest to make this smaller.

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