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eemail me to join the bold faries of the sky.We cherish others like we are all family and we are the brave and bold faries of the sky!!All members can give bday gifts to bday kids holidays will get i easy to get item and a partys till ppl leave 4 family time.Newbies are always welcome.
here is 2 banner of us all
moosh made it.
Farie Queen:Zelda
Hard Rock Farie:iluvrock
Devil Farie: devils_angel
DemonicFarie:Inugami Mistress
Darkness Farie:ace340
Water Farie:Rain
Punk Farie:Strawberry13
Urine Farie:lurn_Urine
Monkey Farie:V_ybir_wbfu
Pop Music Farie:SOwner
Farie of monkeys:Weirdal
farie items gueen:veryloony
Crystal Farie:Yosei
purple farie:77cutglass
Wind farie: darcey
hiding guidence farie:nitewhisper
Cheif camel carer farie:Moosh
there will be more members
we now have a maskot(there is a easy 2 spot hint)