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Name: joolz giani
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shops open-----the ferran shop, willy wonka, the aviary, the bakery, stronoak shop

my birthday 26 july i was 40, i am now officially ancient - please feel free to donate your ancient items to me

GOAL - TO have at least 1 of each item
- to get a title (achieved, brainiac pack mule)

achievements:- Brainiac
Pack mule

Wish list

Ancient Coin
Anima's Portrait
Anima's festive balls
Anti-CJ Royal Pillow
Antsca's Katana
Assorted Halloween Candy
Autographed CJ Picture
Ball and Chain
Book of Bruised
Book of CJ
Book of Leif
Book of MacDougs
Book of NightRanger
Book of Phoenix
Book of Wesc
Bottled Blob
Bottled MacDougs' Soul
Box of doom
Bunny Beany
Bussel Berries
Candy Cane Scarf
Captured little green man
Cavy Girl's Scrapbook
Chicky Egg
Chocolate Bunny Ears
Counterfeit CJ Rock
Dead BunnymasterG
Death Rock
Eagle Plushie
eC 1,000,000th Post
eC 10000
eCG 1000
eCG 10000
eCritter Zapper
Ed's First Snow
Evil Sprit
False Idol
Fancy Torch
Filthy box
Fire Truck
Four-Leaf Clover
Generic chocolate egg
Griddle bread
Gravity Day Tree
Halloween Candy Cane
Halloween Scarf
Hoppaki Plushie
Hoppaki action
Leif Shrine
Leif's Head
Maple Leaf
Melted Rubber
Mr Blob
Orb of Nightmares
Painted Egg Plant
Quasitel Plushie
Rainbow rock
RR 10,000
RR 1000!
Rubber Ducky
Spooky Scythe
Star Pendant
Strawhert wand
Test Item
The 12 Gifts Of Winter
Toy Spaceship
Winter Bear Plushie
Wittle Weif
Zeka Plushie

thanks to st fu for green shake
thanks to wolfshadow for pi necklace
thanks to shadowfax for blue injection and eem carrying device carrying device
thanks to lemonscented for heart pillows
thanks to literacy for donated eem
thanks to caruhi for egg chocolate and orb of nightmares
thanks to acid stained for the cauldron
thanks to helios for my bottled hug and 3.14
thanks to .Lanterns for anti-cj bed
thanks to alpha for the unsolved puzzle cube
thanks to cdean555 for flaming pants
thanks to kyuubiFox for mortar and pestal
thanks to candykiss for bag of jelly beans
and thanx 2 evryone not named as yet, u know who u r

fave bands

ed sheeran
imelda may

loadsa stuff

thanks to catfox for my zot