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Hi everybody this is my profile aint it perty! [/bg][/size]

*Dreamer girl(Friend at school)
*kishy girl
*Tenshi Chan
*Chocolate flava
*Bad gurl Nikkie
*singerfanatic95 (Friend at school)
*Winter falls
*Vegeta Grl
*Kitsy Witsy
*XxdangerousxX(friend at school)
*ShortyGoneBad001(friend at school)
*its me
*MiZ Poppy
*Dream Queen
*Mistic Chick
*Saphire Queen
*Crazy Sexy Cool
*Hyper Fire
*Sour Cherry
*General Wesc (tutor)
If you're my friend and weren't mentioned email me to straighten things out or if you want to be my friend email to ask.

Evil Laugh:Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!
motto: I have too many
Obsession: Boys, men, people of the opposite sex
Beats up (or at least trys ): Any one who is mean to or annoys me or my friends.

I am a nice person and try to be considerate. Although i don't like to be pushed around by people who think they are better than me. Normally i am a laid back kind of person who wont over react over something not worth it. Even if that is so if your the kind of person who bugs me then if i catch you in an alley you wont be coming out alive he he he. Joking i would never hurt anyone on perpose . Like i said before though i am a nice person. I like to make friends and i have an average amount of them so i'd be more then happy to be anyones friend just email me.

I am a defender of GOOD and i don't care WHO likes it! So


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This is my award if you got it feel special cause only some people got it so far. Ya don't gotta ask for it. If you are a really really good friend or if you really really deserve this award then don't worry if ya haven't got it yet you will just keep up the friendly work.

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I LOVE Linkin Park!!! but not as much as PIE!!! I have so many loves in my life.

I LOVE Chocolate!

I just Married a PIE!!!

Just Married[/bg][/size]

I juat ate the pie that i married [/bg][/size]

Nobody Loves Me! [/bg][/size]
Accept my new HUSBAND!!! His name is cow cause he is a cow. Isn't that K00L!!!
Just Married, Again[/bg][/size]
HIs picture is not avalable right now but you can leave hima message after the beep *beep*

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9-11, the day we will neva 4get. I salute you babay.

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