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Name: Ryan Hatt
Age: 28

-Getting Strawhert Collar at excactly midnight between July 30-31, 2003
-Winning Stone Of Luck on July 31, 2003
-Winning first in liz's Smiley Story Contest

Items I Suggested
-Night Bed

Goth Boy (Smiley Store by Ryan)

A boy was walking, he saw a girl, but she was an , the boy knew all his friends would make fun of his and call him a prep if he was seen with the girl, the looked over and saw the boy looking at her, boy was so ! The girl gave the boy a sweet and trotted off, the boy called for his and told him EVERYTHING about him and the girl.

The next day the boy saw the girl walker her , as they walked the boy listened to every crinkle the girl made as she walked across the lawn on the s! The boy built up the courage and said Hi to the girl, the girl looked at him and moved boy's hair over a little, boy got nervous and said hastily, "Would you like to go to the movies with me sometime?", the boy at the girl, she replied Yes! The boy called his and introduced him, the girl loved the

boy stayed but he discovered girl was really a girl!!! He was so happy! They got married

You..are definitely not a smile.In fact,if i asked
you to smile you'd probably punch me in the
face.You're angry and bitter about
something,but no one knows what because you get
violent when people ask questions.Sheesh.

You represent... angst.
You have an extremely cynical outlook on just about
everything. It's okay to sulk and be
depressed, but life is short, and you only get
one. It's only what you make it, and only you
can make it improve.

is GOD

My Poetry

Your Fault

I take a breath
And grab the knife
Only wanting
To end my life
It seems too hard
To carry on and cope
I can't go on
There is no hope
I was put on this earth
For no reason at all
All I do
Is contine to fall
So this is the end
Life has come to a halt
I just want you to know
That it's all your fault.


I feel trapped In an endless cage of torture
No one is there
No one to care
These bars are tight
They hold me in
They keep out love and happiness
With only hatred within
All the sadness
all the hate
this cage is its home
It is my home too
I live alone
Not having love
No one cares for me
The hatred I feel
Despair and sadness
In this cage of doubt
Will I ever be free
I often ask
Will the sun shine through
these rusted bars
Will love come in
Will the happiness appear
Will this darkness be overcome with light?

Perish In Hell

Death is following me
Its dark black shadow
It gets closer each day
Until it will cover me
My body
My soul
It watches for when I sleep
And than it enters my head
I see the death Sadness
And all I see is darkness
The shadow of it all
It never fades
As when I look behind me
And I see it lurking there
I wish it could over take me
Take me from this pain
Defeat the world of suffer
End all the misery


Death is nearing
around the corner
I feel it soon
I feel its pain
I see the shadow
of the demon
getting ready
to pull me in
I jump than
I want to go
take me death
take me now
I can't live here
much longer
its too much
take me with you
death you are
truly beautiful,
please take me
out of this world

Dark Demons

All around
Everyone is
Struggling to survive
This world
Filled with
And Blackness
Become possible
The possible
Die with dreams
As you look
Look for light
You are stopped
By the darkness
The demons
The anger builds
Hatred comes
They want your death
To come near
They hate you
Decieve you
Want your soul
Ending this world
For you
Is there goal....

Kill Me Now

I want to die
Kill me now
Burn me
Sell my soul
Out on the street
Take the knife
slice my wrist
the pain is gone
I am gone
Darkness is here
It pulls in my soul
It feeds on it
Feeds on the anger
Kill me now
Slash me
Into tiny peices
Devour me
In a painful manner
This hate is building
End it now
Just kill me
Kill me now...

Syringe Of Pain

Syringe of pain
Needle of death
Coming and stabbing
The blood that leaks
Death is near
Death must follow
Injecting this fluid
Going in deep
Burning the skin
Peircing the veins
Killing so fast
The pleasure

Satan's Grip

The pain
the suffer
Reaching out
Closer in I move
I try to run
The grip is to hard
I hear the voice
Voice of death
I try to block it
out of my mind
But now I find
It's in my head
I try to convince
its just a dream
but it seems so real
I try to awake
but I just can't
I know now
This dream is real
The voice gets louder
The pain more intense
The hands gripping
Tighter and Tighter
I can't resist
The dark red face
Appears from the fog
It speak with remorse
With a deep
Voice it speaks
It tells it is
My time to go
I try to get away
Now gripping tighter
It pulls me
Pulls me into the fog
I scream one last scream
And try to run
one last time...

Frozen In Time

I take a picture
Frozen in time
When it developes
I see it all
The way back
Covered in white
I see the truth
I feel the bite
Someone was there
Someone hid
Looking closer
It becomes clear
It is the one
The one from my dreams
He haunts them every night
I sit there wondering
How is it real
The dream is there
But I see it
Frozen in time
Which make me think
Is it a dream
Those nights I wait
Scared to sleep
It occurs to me now
That this picture
Tells me that this
Haunter of dreams
is real
Following me
Wherever I go
It wants to take me
Eat my soul
I must wait
Wait it out
I can't avoid it
I sit here
When will it take me
Away from it all
As I stare at the
Frozen In Time

Trickle Of Blood

I feel the knife
Peircing my skin
Running slowly
Runny deeply
The soft tingle
Of the trickle of blood
Completing my need
For pain
The blood is coming
More at a time
The little trickle
Has now bled more
Wetting my arm
With this warm
Wet blood
Trickles now from
Branching off
The pain is to enjoy
Satisfy the hurt
Of my heart
Mending the harm
Emotionally done
Killing my hoped
Defeating my dreams
With one single
Trickle of blood