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I dont give mercy to those who dont deserve it.

Don't play stupid with me because I am better at it!

(My friend award)

thats me--->50% + 50% <---thats me


~Best Friends~(I haven't been on in forever so I hope we are all still friends)

C gyrl
Tenshi Chan(my very special "twin")

~Really very special~


All I want right now is a:

Giraffe Plushie

(Check "Gifts Ive recieved" for my wishlist)

-Collection Items-

Ball of fluff
Light rock
Kinky candle
Toilet paper
(Check my "collection items" shop for more details)



Thinks your kewl!



OMG, I was the one who suggested the band-aids and cotton candy!!!!I feel so speshiful

~Rules ~
-Don't eemail me saying hi,wanna be friends,how are you,etc.I will NOT reply!(unless you are my friend or we are discussing a trade or something to that extent)
-Don't beg me for items
~*Reasons why I pelt you*~
*You got me really mad
*You pelted me or my friends
-If you don't like these rules go ahead cry me a river build me a bridge and get over it!

#1-Sparklei20 is always right
#2-If sparklei20 is wrong refer back to #1