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Name: Allyson Michelle
Gender: Female
Eem: 1,091,259
Pet choice: Enslave
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(Updated often...) my webbies:
Im a TSO Junkie!!

My Questions/u]
i'll keep adding more...
-Why do newbies need stuff donated to them?? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of working for yourself and stuff???
-Does anyone still go to the old ecritters?
-How would people with the "longest" usernames log back in, if they ever log out on accident??
-When is your post considered a spam post?
-What's up with the elves??

Things to remember/u]
-pelt whoever pelts my pet to a BLOODY pulp!!!
-pelt the HELL outta dragontastic
Other VPS's (Virtual Pet Site) I have been to/u]
Neopets (too many hackers)
Alien adoption agency
crittic age
virtual zoo (soo gay)
there were others ive been to, but i can't remember there names.

soon, i will put why i do or don't go there anymore


-Passed 2 lvl of insomniac
(FINALLY!! that took me about 3 god damn days to figure out!!!)
-Passed 12 lvls of -Crittannian Trivia
-reached 70,000eem


-purple... (Thanx soo much General Wesc!!) Now I can poison? my pet and make it purple!! (my fav. color) wait... it will turn, purple right?
-learn the "eeCode" so's that I can make my profile purtty ^_^ (Thanx again General)
-couple friends

This was gonna be the name to one of my pets, but then i thought twice, and just decided to put it here, untill im ready.

My next pets name will be:

This pet is dedicated to Paris13, because i think that she made one of the longest, and most annoying pet names... which kinda gave me the idea to try and beat her. I really hope that this isn't something that could get me frozen, cause then i would be upset at Paris13 for giving me this awfuly, annoyingly, long idea. I am SOOO sorry if this is "illegal" on eCritters, I really, REALLY don't wanna get frozen... You see, i would go to the boards and ask if this is ok, but I already got this far, and i dunno that if I try to copy it, I might accidentaly press ctrl+v instead of ctrl+c and tottally screw up, and waste all of this time... *whew* my fingers hurt, i wonder if my message is longer than Paris13's now... hmmm maybe i should go look, ok ill look when im done typing. I wonder if she got an award for having such a long name... or did she get frozen!?!?! Ha ha ha, you know what?? What if I had a long pet name (like this) and made a spelling mistake, and made a new pet and called it: *This pet is dedicated to Paris13, because i think that... etc. you know what i mean?? Maybe i should stop typing now... again Im SOO SORRY!! i was just kinda bored... maybe i should have done something else... im really gonna regret pressing enter... oh well