You were the first person I've ever told that to,, and you were really sweet about it, we cuddle, and I like it when we do, becasue I feel right, whenevr I leave, your smell still lingers on me, we've spent so much time, and I'm glad, because when we kiss, my stomach flips, and flutters, the butterflies will never leave me alone, i love laying with you and just laughing and smiling, I love feeling your heart beat, I love listening to you breath, I love that you hold me gently as if not to break me, but firmly as if you don't ever want to lose me, and even if we ever grow apart, you and I will always have a special bond, I love how when we kiss, if I smile, you smile and we laugh together, we laugh because we both know how i got here, you make me smile, i love the feeling of being in your arms, I love when we sit in public places and you hold my hands under the table when we are with our friends, and when we kiss in the dark, hold eacother, and just have amazing moments together, I don't think I'll ever forget our first kiss, because it was my most embaressing and favorite kiss ever, so here's to you and me, I'm pretty sure I love you kidddd,,, Very much so indeed actually, you have my heart on a string, and my heart on a ring, to be honest you just have my heart,, so keep it and protect it just for me, oh lovely one who I do so admire, never ever from affar
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Owner: Deathinpeices!
Color: Blue
Species: Drokaal
Health: 100/100
Intelligence: 100
Gender: male
Created: 2010-07-26