Typos suck, I would have given everything and I would have given nothing, just to tell you that I love you, but the words are caught in the back of my lungs, so tell me that you love me, you can make it be all right, are you thinking of me, just stay with me tonight, I know I need you, just like you need me, so tell me that you love me, and we can make this, because I love you and you love me, and together that makes something stronger than life, I could give everything and I could give nothing just to tell, the words are bitter sweet, something you want to leave but dont want to share, I wish you knew how much I cared, because honsetly I do truely beleive that I love you, because lemme tell you something, I care about you like no other, I want you to be the happiest person in the world
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Owner: Deathinpeices!
Color: Green
Species: Nyrial
Health: 100/100
Intelligence: 100
Gender: female
Created: 2010-06-29