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Here are the topics in the SUPER SHIT forum.

Subject Author Replies
Regarding the chat bulletin... LeifKB 15
You should learn to code. LeifKB 48
Document of this forum's names. Alpha 43
All of Chickenbots phrases. [+1] Alpha 4
New User FAQ CJ 11
who here has autism PassyPurl05 2
Chat bulletin. (last page) Alpha 2609
st: ds9 wimp 4
I can feel my soul descending into hell Scrafty! None!
Omegle [+1] wimp 2
psych eval for eC PassyPurl05 1
F is for... Scrafty! 1
who wrote all the ec lore PassyPurl05 None!
insomniac puzzles PassyPurl05 2
collage PassyPurl05 None!
Reunion coweaters 7
the trans elephant in the room PassyPurl05 1
why u no delete this website PassyPurl05 1
can u please let this website die PassyPurl05 None!
good ole mental health wut 12
weed thiefkb None!
cat murderers wimp None!
awful arts [+2] kittenkool 4
what is this kittenkool 2
Tried to find when the sprits were retired Scrafty! 2
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